The FURminator: Can’t live without it….

Or I can, but will loads of dog hair.  Old dog 4, Carmina, has this thick double coat that sheds and sheds, all year long.  Coming soon in spring it likes to just come out in handfuls.  I really don’t understand how it is even possible.  I mean, if I lost that much hair, I would be completely bald.  Anyway, the ironic part is when I got her my thought was, “Oh, she’s short haired, so that will be better with shedding.”  That’s a rookie mistake!  Shorter haired dogs, especially the double coated ones can shed like superstars.
My only weapon in the battle against the hair, which I discovered a few years ago, is the FURminator!  If you have a dog that sheds and you don’t have one of these, there is nothing better.  When I brush Carmina with this thing there is literally a pile of hair the size of a small dog.  If I do it every day or every other day, it makes a significant dent in hair balls in my house.  Other brushes just skimmed the surface, but never got ahead of the problem.  That furminator really just strips the coat of loose hair.  It is the greatest thing ever!

I am thinking of this now because I can’t find mine and this is a serious problem!  As long as Lizzie hasn’t buried it in the yard, it has to be here somewhere, but I am defenseless in the battle of the hair without it.  It must be found.

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