The Snuggle Cup Dog Bed: it’s a hit

Riyo in his Snuggle Bed

In the same box with the Fire Hose dog bed, came the Snuggle Cup bed for the little guys. It was only $10 so I figured I’d have it thrown in the same box and take full advantage of free shipping, and I must say, I got my $10 worth!

The Papillons seem to prefer beds with sides rather than just pillows. I guess they feel safer when they can snuggle inside something and it held true with this bed. I put it next to my desk and Riyo immediately jumped right into it. Then Darcy tried to get in and Riyo started acting like a territorial little snot, so I had to give him a good “NO”! Then he let Darcy join him, grudgingly. For the most part they vie for the primo bed spot and try to get to it first. It kinda rained on their parade when Carmina decided the bed looked pretty darn comfy and knocked them both out.

Size wise, it is perfect for the Papillons. Riyo is about 4.5pounds and Darcy is 5. It’s a little tight for both of them to sleep in there, but they do fit snugly. As you can see, it is a good fit for Papillons, not such a good fit for large what-cha-ma-call-it dogs!

Size reference

not a good fit

2 thoughts on “The Snuggle Cup Dog Bed: it’s a hit

  1. Cute Dogs! awww Riyo looks like he enjoys that bed!! yep I agree our Papillon has a round bed with sides and def likes it too!!

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