Review: Adams Spot On – Worst Topical Flea Treatment for Papillons

As far as efficacy, none of the topical treatments seem to be doing so well this year, but unfortunately Adams Spot On topical does not mix with Papillon hair. I will assume that it will be the same with other silky haired dogs as well. For price, it is really inexpensive. I decided to give it a shot because these medications can put a serious hurt on your pocketbook, so I was hoping this Adams at $12.95 for 3 treatments at WalMart would do the trick. While I can’t speak much to how effective it is in comparison to other topicals since none of them have done well this year, it absolutely kills a Papillon’s coat.

While all the topical solutions leaves some greasiness on the fur, the Adams topical turned half my Papillons’ backs into a nasty, greasy mess.  What worried me further is that is spread so far down the fur, they dogs can actually end up licking it. You put the solution between the shoulder blades so it is out of licking distance, but this topical soaks through the hair so badly it goes at least half way down the shoulder. I had to wash it out as it worried me they would ingest too much of it orally.

Also, it seems to be irritating their skin, so you trade a flea irritation for skin irritation.  I wasn’t going to leave it on any long for fear of really causing more skin problems and/or coat loss.  So word of caution if your dog has sensitive skin.

Maybe this Adams Spot On would work ok on shorter haired dogs, but I’m really not going to buy it again. I haven’t shelled out for the Comfortis yet, but I will.  And for topicals, stick with Advantage!


Adams Spot On
Adams Spot on for Toy Dogs

Rating:  TWO PAWS DOWN from the Papillons, and no paw vote from the big dogs since they didn’t try it.

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  1. I think these products depends on your pets. It’s just like soaps on human skin – it would depend if it would work on us or if we’re allergic of it. It might be risky but trying a little of each would help you find the right product for your pet.

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