Dear Rick Perry, Veto HB1451

Sadly, HB1451 did pass the house and the senate.  I would like to thank Senator Dan Patrick for strongly speaking out against the bill and urge everyone to remember that he had the fortitude to call this bill “a crock.”  It is disheartening that some politicians cannot, for the good of helping animals in need, step off their altar of self-proclaimed expertise in everything and actually consult the people who have a deep understanding for dog and cat breeding and do it well.  These are the people who they are harming, and these are also the people who would be the best able to craft a meaningful solutions.  Whitmire, this is to you.  You and those who self-righteously claim to care about animal rights, should take some time to understand animal welfare a little better.  It is shame what has happened in Texas, and I think I am going to have to step outside to make sure I’m in the right state…….Yes, it’s 100 outside and humid; I’m still in Texas.

At this point, the last hope is that Governor Perry will veto this bill.  Governor Perry, as you are bringing in much attention from the entire nation in your possible bid for the presidency, don’t tell the country that you approve of a legislature that summarily steps upon your citizens’ Constitutional rights and imposes back-door taxes upon those who least deserve financial punishment.  Republican or Democrat, that is a troubling thing.

Send this bill back and make the representatives who should be listening to the people, sit down with the responsible breeders in the state and ASK them how to take on the puppy millers.  I can guarantee, if this bill becomes law, I will take some day trips through Texas and record the fact that it has not stopped puppy millers at all.  Because it won’t.  I have no doubt I will find the slugs in the same holes they always crawl out of.

Please remember, having the IMAGE or simply giving the IMPRESSION that you are helping animals is not enough.  If the result does not help animals, you are not doing good; you are doing harm.  Politics today is too much about sleight of hand, facades, and image.  Not enough caring, truth, and doing.

To quote the letter I received back from Dan Patrick (thank you again for seeing the truth of this bill):

“I do not think it [HB1451] solves the problem.  Instead, this bill just makes it more difficult on legitimate breeders.”

Letter from Dan Patrick:  click here

CONTACT Rick Perry and urge him to veto HB1451.  You don’t need to be from Texas to do it! (He may be running for President you know)

Go to and click on “Registering Opinion” and send your opposition email.


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