Kong Air Squeaker Donut Review: The Squeaky Toy that Lived

The Kong Air Squeaker Donut Toy gets a four paw up rating from Lizzie! Lizzie, like many dogs, loves squeaky toys. But being a German Shepherd with jaws of steel, squeaky toys just stop squeaking after a day or two. They either rip or the squeakers break and Lizzie is left with a non-squeaking piece of trash.

I am really happy with the Kong Air Squeaker because it is STILL ALIVE. She actually didn’t show much interest in it until she turned a year

Kong Donut Dog Review
The Kong Donut Stripped of Yellow Fabric-Lizzie’s Mess

old. I think it is because it is a tough toy, a bit heavy, so a little too much toy unless the pup is a major chewer. I got the large size, so that probably also had something to do with the delayed interest. I’d finally decided it was just decoration until one day she picked it up, bit down on it and realized the thing squeaked! The outer covering lasted about three days. She is determined to rip the cloth covering off anything, so worked diligently for hours to strip the pretty yellow tennis ball fabric off every inch of the donut. I don’t know what she has against pretty toys, but who am I to question her tastes. Even after the fabric was ripped off, it still squeaked just fine. It wasn’t so pretty anymore, but she still ran around squeaking like crazy.


The other nice feature about it is its odd shape. That odd shape makes it bounce around unpredictably when tossed by you or by the dog. She has a great time tossing it up in the air then jumping after it as it bounces in random directions. You can also roll it which is another doggie favorite.

After a couple of weeks, she managed to breach the hard plastic exterior, and I thought it was all over…but no. The Squeaker donut still squeaked. It’s been a month of good use and it still lives! That’s a record and good enough for me.

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