Household Cleaners Poison You and Your Dogs!

There was an article in the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram some time ago about Industrial Chemicals found in pets, especially dogs, from licking up more than a snack when table scraps fall on the floor. That plus drinking out of the toilet (I sometimes FORGET to put the lid down!), one can see how toxins can build up pretty quickly in a dog.This got me thinking more carefully about how I clean my home.

If you have children, the same concept applies. One things kids and dogs have in common is that they get into everything that they shouldn’t, including the 25 gallons of toxic chemicals in the average American home.

I did some research into household cleaners and found that the industry is largely unregulated, so you can’ trust the labels. This labeling problem is really starting to become annoying. I shouldn’t have to do so much research to find what products won’t poison me and me pets!

For toilets and drains, cleaning is actually quite simple. White vinegar and baking soda! It’s recommend to periodically clean your drains by pouring baking soda down your drain, followed by white vinegar. Then wash it all down with boiling water.  Do this monthly to avoid the Drain-O.  Same concept with a toilet except you can just pour the white vinegar into the toilet and let it sit for 30min or so, then sprinkle the brush with baking soda and scrub. You can also just leave baking soda overnight. Another natural toilet bowl cleaner is borax and vinegar. If you let it sit overnight, it can clean really well AND you won’t ever poison your pooch with a bad drinking habit.

For floors, I use a steamer. They are wonderful. Not only are your cleaning your floors with just pure hot steaming water, it disinfects with the heat. I have one of the Shark models, but I think the Haan gets better reviews. And when you think of all the money you save NOT buying cleaners, it’s a good deal.

There are tons of recipes for homemade cleaners. Making your own cleaners saves money and you won’t be contaminating yourself and your household!

One thought on “Household Cleaners Poison You and Your Dogs!

  1. Hi! As someone who loves animals, and as a part-time volunteer in a shelter (w/ cats/dogs), thanks so much for this article.

    Your blog is fun to read, and this particular article is a matter of dog-life-or-death. Many or most people are *not* aware of the industry pitfalls:

    You write above that you did research into household cleaners and you “…found that the industry is largely unregulated, so you can’ trust the labels.”

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