Do dogs miss us when we’re gone?

Now that I am out working in the coal mine all day, toiling to feed the four hungry, furry mouths waiting at home, I do wonder…do they miss me?  Ok, so I’m dramatizing a bit.  I’m sitting in an office chair with all-you-can-drink coffee and snacks doing title opinions.


Though I may not be suffering in a coal mine, I DO miss having my four dogs milling about my desk.  Really, it’s not the work that makes the day seem so long and empty; it’s my missing companions.  I miss the Papillon or two sitting behind me on my chair, making sure I don’t slouch, the periodic interruptions when they begin to argue amongst themselves, and just the warm comfy feeling of an office filled with friends.  I just can’t wait to get home wrestle with my big girl, rub my old dog’s tummy, and crash on the couch curled up with the two little guys.


I wonder, do dogs miss their human pack members too?  I do believe so, as my doggy sitter/mother tells me they jump up and run to the door every time they suspect I could be coming.  Then there is the enthusiastic greeting of four wagging tails and squirming excitement that I always must refrain from escalating when I get home.


They may not miss me the same way that I miss them, but I do get the feeling that once I am home, they feel the pack is complete and settle in with a collective doggy sigh of contentment.  Like all is still right in their doggy world.   And when all is right in their doggy world, all is right in mine too….


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