Ever feel like your dogs just taught you a lesson?!

Today when I let the dogs out to do their business, I watched as little Papillon, Riyo did his dirty business in Lizzie’s favorite barking corner.  Even though I witnessed his transgression, instead of going to pick it up, I figured, “he’s a 4 pound dog, how big of a mine could it really be?”  Eh, It’ll dry up and be gone in a few hours.  It’s nothing.  So thinking, I went back into the house.

Fast forward two minutes….. The door bursts open and in comes German Shepherd Lizzie trotting through the house in her usual wolf-like manner.  As she trotted past, I caught the faint odor of something that smelled suspiciously like poo.   “No way….I just THOUGHT I smelled poo,” I say to myself, as I see a leaf laying on the floor that happily-trotting Lizzie had somehow left on the floor.  As I reach toward the leaf, the imaginary poo smell gets stronger. “OOHHH NOOOO!” and I’m off chasing poor Lizzie down like a squealing banshee, catch her, and maneuver my unsuspecting and bewildered dog to the tile and OUT of the CARPETED room.

And there, firmly embedded into Lizzie’s big snowshoe paw, is the squished evidence of Riyo’s little landmine I had thought to be harmless just minutes before.  Yeah.  THAT will teach me!


….next time, I’ll pick up the poo.  It’s a lot easier than scrubbing floors and washing nasty dog paw!

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