The Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Dog Costume!

Even those of us who don’t ordinarily put clothes on our dogs can’t resist a little bit of fun come Halloween! I think this year I am going to bring back my favorite, the blue haired Nimbus “Things” from Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat! I went to Orland several years ago with a group from work for a trade show, but we of course couldn’t leave without a visit to Disney! There we found the “Thing” shirts and conspired to be a group of “Things” for Halloween.  As you can see, Riyo was included in our Halloween plans. Awww….. he was just a little over a year old then.

You can still do a Thing costume without going to Disney!  Just order a kid’s size t-shirt (or regular if you have a big dog) and cut it out to fit.

Then get some blue fuzzy fabric from a fabric store and sew it into the collar and anywhere else it looks cute!  (I don’t sew well, so Riyo’s costume is put together with safety pins)

If you want to give it a try, I found some shirts on Amazon!

I found this
Cat in the Hat Dog Costume below on Amazon, pre-made. So if you have multiple dogs, you can have a Cat in the Hat AND the blue Haired Nimbus! Hmmm…maybe Lizzie can be the Cat and the Papillons the Nimbuses! ….I really need to find a dog friendly Halloween party to go to.

And a wig for you!

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