What is a Bully Stick? It’s a GREAT dog chew!

I actually did not know what a bully stick was until a couple years ago when someone explained it to me at a dog show I went to watch. One of the vendors was selling “bully sticks,” and I had to ask what it was! If you do not know, a bully stick is, simply put, a dried bull penis, also known as “bull pizzle”…and I still giggled even when I typed it–infantile humor never goes away. But yet, that is what it is. That muscly, sinewy part that runs down a bull’s nether-regions.

Now, be glad you know this. At the same dog show, armed with my new knowledge and up to no good, I gave my friend $10 and asked him to go pick up a bully stick. I thought I’d get a giggle out of it, but I got my money’s worth when he stuck it in his mouth to carry back across the arena! (ok, giggling again)

Being serious again, bully sticks are EXCELLENT dog chews. Not only are they far safer than rawhides and synthetic toys and chews, they are nutritious. High in protein, low in fat, and even have calcium and other minerals.

The down-side is they can be a bit pricey. I guess because each bull has a 1,000 pounds of meat and only one pizzle. (oh, I must stop)

Amazon has a wide selection…free shipping with Prime which I LOVE!


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