Snobby Dog Spaw in Tyler, Texas: my four dogs’ groomer!

Dog Groomer Tyler, Texas Snobby Dog Spaw
Miss Nicole

Snobby Dog Spaw
4007 S Broadway Ave
Tyler, TX 75701
(903) 581-2834

When I moved back to Tyler, Texas, I was back on the market for a good grooming option.  I almost always groom the Papillons myself because they are so easy to put in the tub, but to thoroughly wash and groom my big dogs is another story.  I took Lizzie once to PetSmart, but I really disliked the impersonal, big-box grooming assembly-line feel.  I want the place I trust with my dogs to actually know my dogs.

I started looking for smaller shop options, but found the prices for a wash to be a little too high.  So, I was very excited to find Miss Nicole’s shop, Snobby Dog Spaw!  Going into her shop, you feel like you are taking your dogs to your friend’s house for a play date.  She is friendly; she gets to know your dog, and she really goes out of her way to do the best job she can.

Miss Nicole has been a groomer for 10 years and just opened her shop this year.  I wouldn’t have known her shop was there if I didn’t help part time at the Small Business Administration office. Her little shop is located next to Hastings on South Broadway, right between a Donut Shop and a Gun Shop. 🙂 Gotta love East Texas.

Groom Shop Tyler, Texas
Clean Lizzie modeling at the shop!

Miss Nicole really won me over with how kind and patient she was with my senior dog, Carmina.  She took a lot of care to make sure she was not only clean, but comfortable too.  She also handles my German Shepherd Lizzie wonderfully.  Clipping and grinding Lizzie’s nails can be a challenge, but Miss Nicole gets them done!  Unlike PetSmart, she doesn’t charge an extra fee for grinding the nails.  Bath, brush, nails, glands, ears, cologne and a pretty bandana are all included!

If you live in the Tyler area, try her out, you’ll love her.  If you don’t, and you take your dog to a big-box shop, try finding a small, individually-owned shop where the groomer takes the time to get to know your dog.  It’s less stressful for the dog, a better atmosphere, and just a much better experience for your dogs.

Snobby Dog Spaw

4007 S Broadway Ave
Tyler, TX 75701
(903) 581-2834

Snobby Dog Basic Rates

Tell her the Four Dogs sent you and get $5 off your first visit! 🙂

Size Toy Small Medium Large Giant
Groom $35.00 $40.00+ $50.00+ $60.00+ $70.00+
Bath $18.00 $20.00+ $25.00+ $28.00+ $50.00+

**Senior discounts available on request!

* * * * * * * *

If you come by, say hi to Lizzie if she’s there too!

Snobby Dog Groom Shop Tyler, Texas
Lizzie watching the door!

5 thoughts on “Snobby Dog Spaw in Tyler, Texas: my four dogs’ groomer!

  1. I highly recommend Snobby Dog Spaw. I took my newest member of our pet family here, and they did a wonderful job.

  2. Yes, they are a great group of groomers. Vre is great, as is the owner. Both are very personable in spite of being extremely busy. I took my dog coco (cocker spaniel) to them and he was very calm after the visit. He actually was wagging his stubby little tail and that’s a first after going for a hair cut. They didn’t spray him with cologne due to his sensitive skin so they are thoughtful. He also looks great. They used an oatmeal based shampoo. He’s clean and soft. He went from handsome to irresistible so beware ladies!

  3. We have used Nicole for years and just love her and her shop!!! Our dog Boomer loves going there and prances when he leaves! He loves Nicole also!!! Great shop, great workers and perfect place to take your forever friends for their grooming!!!

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