Dogs need Dentists too! Is it time to clean your dog’s teeth?

Many people may not think that their dogs teeth need maintaining just like human teeth.  Some dogs need it much more frequently than others.  Smaller dogs tend to suffer from plaque build up more than larger dogs, and as our vet told me this last visit, a dog’s individual physical differences can play a part.  My Papillon Riyo, for example, has had terrible plaque build up problems.  My other Papillon, Mr. Darcy, does not.  My vet explained at our last cleaning that Riyo’s problem is largely because he has a slight overbite.  It just creates the perfect breeding ground for yucky bacteria and yes, HORRIBLE BREATH!  You do not want to let your dog’s teeth stay like Riyo’s “before” picture below.  It can cause gum disease, tooth loss, and other more bacteria related health problems.


Dog teeth cleaning before and after

It is also highly recommended to try to limit the number of times your dog has to go under for a teeth cleaning.  You don’t want to subject your dog to anesthesia more than you have to, especially the little ones.  Our vet recommended an herbal remedy, Clenz-a-Dent, to add to the dog food, and it is amazing!   Riyo’s breath went from stinky fish to nothing in three days!  It’s AMAZING! Keeping bacteria down also means it helps keep the plaque at bay.  For chewing solutions, dog owners have raved about how well elk antlers can clean their dogs teeth.  If you get elk antlers, get them cut in half or your dogs can’t get to the good stuff.  I will be ordering those soon after hearing such rave reviews at the last obedience club meeting!  I will be using both methods to keep that plaque away!



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