Things I miss about Lizzie…


IMG_2248I miss taking a nap and waking up to a giant knuckle bone being gently placed on my chest, a prized gift to me.


I miss her wet nose sniffing at my face.


I miss being steam rolled in the morning when I slept too late.  Right and left, right and left, on top of me until I would get up…laughing.


I miss getting hit with “the paw.”


I miss her sighs and breathing at night.IMG_2323


I miss her presence at night.  Knowing she would give her life to protect me, and I would protect her.  I could sleep well knowing she was there.  I was not alone.


I miss getting nipped in the butt.  I do.  She had great comedic timing.


I miss the pecan shells scattered on the floor.  She would find pecans in the yard and bring them in to eat.


Lizzie's Mess

I miss the goofiness.


I miss the mischief.


I miss laughing every day, all the time, because she was just funny.


I miss playing tug-o-war.


I miss jogging with her in the woods.IMG_2423



I miss putting our foreheads together and saying hello.


I miss Lizzie……






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