My yard smells like dog pee

I’ve moved to a new house and I guess the layout has made this problem noticeable.  I assume it was doing the same thing at my old house, but there was no patio and I didn’t go outside much, so I guess I didn’t notice.  Now, I notice.  Carmina, the 14yr old female, now doesn’t seem to have the energy to go far into the yard to do her business, so she pees in the grass right next to the patio.  The amount of pee has created a nasty odor right where I want to be sitting!

After googling and googling…this is the only thing I can find.  NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator.  Ordering now!  I’ll update when I see if it takes care of the problem…


UPDATE:  Didn’t really work as I had hoped.  Covered it up for a couple days but the stench came back with a vengance!  I’ll keep looking…I’d like to try SCOE10X, but it’s a little pricey for me now.


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