No more slipping on hardwood floors!

Ultra Paws Dog BootsI have to share this because it has made such a huge improvement in my dog’s quality of life! As my 14 year old, 65lb dog, Carmina, has gotten older, her hips have gotten weaker. As they have gotten weaker, she started to slip and fall on the hardwood floors. It really killed me to see it happen. Not only did it hurt her, I could see the frustration and helplessness in her expression. Once she was down, she couldn’t get up either. It was awful. I searched the web for solutions, other than carpeting over the whole house, and I found these dog booties. I ordered them, and they have proved PRICELESS!

What they give the dog is TRACTION. I started with all four booties, but she took off one of the Dog shoesfront ones. Then I realized it was really the back two feet that needed the help, so I rotate them out. I’ll have two on her while washing the other two. I take them off when we go outside for short walks. She no longer falls and it gives her enough traction that if she lays down on the floor in the kitchen, she is able to get back up. I don’t know that all the booties are created equal. This particular brand is great. I didn’t try others, but I can say that these definitely worked!

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