Dallas Bishop Arts District – Dog friendly!

Dog Friendly Dallas Bishop Arts DistrictCosmo and I have driven down a few times now to visit the Bishop Arts district in Dallas.  A friend of mine lives near there and introduced the area to me.  It’s not a large area, but there are a lot of dog friendly places in the few blocks to walk to.  There is a chocolate shop with some DELICIOUS chocolates and dog friendly people inside.  They welcomed Cosmo in to say hello while my friend bought some delicious dark chocolate.

Cafe Brazil Bishop Arts bored dog
Bored Cosmo


Then there are several dog friendly patios there as well.  While Café Brazil is dog friendly, there is no entrance to the patio from the outside.  When Cosmo was a little smaller, I simply lifted him over the wall.  Now, I don’t think so.  So for bigger dog owners, this may not be a good option.  This particular time, the service was a little poor.  As in super slow.  After 45 minutes waiting for our food, poor little Cosmo was just bored!


Dog Friendly Patio at Gloria's



My favorite so far is Gloria’s. They have a HUGE dog friendly patio and great food! Their chipscome with salsa and bean dip…yummy!  I got the cevice tostadas which were great.  Good food and dog friendly!  I will be going back.  The parking is valet only, but they’re happy to let you get your dog out before they park your car.






Lucky Dog Book Store
Cosmo at the Lucky Dog Book Store


And don’t forget to visit the aptly named Lucky Dog Bookstore!  Again, I was surprised that I didn’t have to wait outside for my friend.  Cosmo was welcome!  It’s a great old building that used to be a bowling alley.  Lots of books and music to peruse!


All in all, Bishop Arts is a great, fun, place to go with your dog!

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