Self Serve Dog Washes in DFW

I was so excited to find self serve dog washes a few years ago!  I don’t like to wash my dogs in the yard with a hose.  It’s just no fun; and in the winter, it’s just not an option!  But my idea of good smells and clean is very different from my dogs’.  And sometimes, they find some mud to play in.

In the DFW area there are a few I know about.  In the Plano area, I have used Dirty Dawgz several

Cosmo's first bath!
Cosmo’s first bath!

times since it is close.  Price wise, the best value there is to buy 6 baths at once (about $14 a bath) if you know you will use it.  It’s very basic, but when you just want to wash your dog, it works!  Cosmo had his first bath at Dirty Dawgz in Plano.  The ladies working there were super nice and helped me cut his nails and take his picture too!

UPDATE: Dirty Dawgz in Plano is closed.

I tried Urban Dog on N. Haskell in Dallas once in the past with Lizzie.  They were really nice and let me squeeze in at the last minute.  I’ll have to try them again with Cosmo sometime on the way back from training.

I also went to the Mutt Puddle in Allen once. They are similar to Dirty Dawgz, but a little nicer inside.

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