Best dog shoes for senior dogs

Getting dog boots for my senior dog Carmina has proved to be the difference between her being able to walk or not.  Effectively, dog boots have extended her life because without them she would be unable to move about the house.  This would not be the case if my house had carpet throughout, but since the majority of the house is hardwood, without traction she was unable to walk without falling.

After several months using dog boots, I have determined that the ultra paws DURABLE dog boots are the best for senior dogs indoors.

Ultra paws also makes one called “Traction” supposedly to prevent indoor slipping, however I am staying with the durable version. The reason is I found the two straps on the ankle keep the boots on more securely without rubbing sores onto the ankles.

I purchased an extra durable, super traction RUFFWEAR dog boot from REI to try as well.

The Ruffwear boots have super traction that she could get up from any floor with, however in order to keep them from coming off, I had to really tighten the single strap. Doing this caused sores to rub on her ankles. Plus the hard traction causes the boot to be less flexible and harder on weak legs.  The two strap Ultra Paws really is the right combination of comfort and traction to allow the dog to wear these boots daily.

As you can also see, after 6 months of constant use the Ultra Paws are worn out and I am buying new ones.

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  3. Hey thanks for sharing this post. I was searching for articles to buy shoes for senior dogs and i came across your post. Though where i stay it doesn’t snow but it surely rains and Joss (my lab) really hates to step out of the house. The only thing that worries me is whether he will wear them as he usually avoids everything that covers his fur. I would be glad if you could suggest or share something on it. Looking forward for your next post 🙂

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