Snobby Dog Spaw in Tyler, Texas – Cosmo loves his groomer!

Cosmo at the Snobby Dog Spaw
Cosmo kissing on Nicole

Following in Lizzie’s paw prints, Cosmo also goes to Snobby Dog Spaw for his beauty needs!  I now live in Plano, but I bring Cosmo back to Tyler with me when I come in town.  While I go run my errands, Cosmo happily hangs out at the Spaw!  Just as they were with Lizzie, they are wonderful with Cosmo.  Bringing a puppy to Snobby Dog is the best thing for their puppy education.  They have a wonderful, positive experience and learn to be handled easily by others.  It’s just excellent!  Cosmo already lets Nicole Drimmel his nails, wash him, and dry him.

As you can see, he LOVES him some Nicole!

If you have never gone, tell Nicole Cosmo sent you!



Snobby Dog Spaw
4007 S Broadway Ave
Tyler, TX 75701
(903) 581-2834

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