Life with Pets! Finally a pet boutique in Tyler, Texas

Life with PetsTyler was long overdue for a specialty pet store, so hearing that one opened was a pleasant surprise!  This is even better now that PetLand in Tyler changed ownership and went to the dark side.  I refuse to support a pet store that engages in puppy sales.

Life with Pets is a small store, but the owner, Pam is extremely knowledgeable about pet nutrition and can help point you to quality food, treats, and supplements, including the PetGenix holistic line.  She also has a great selection of toys and other products that you can’t find at the other stores.  QUALITY MATTERS!  PetsMart is basically a Wal-Mart for pets, carrying large numbers of low quality items.  Small boutique pet stores like Life with Pets are gems.

I’ll be taking Cosmo by next time to try on a Lupine collar.  She’s got a great one with a peacock feather design that I think will look great on him!

If you are like me and want the best for your dog or cat, you must go to this store!

Life with Pets
300 W. Rusk
Tyler, Texas 75701
(903) 714-2172


One thought on “Life with Pets! Finally a pet boutique in Tyler, Texas

  1. And now Life With Pets has moved next door to Snobby Dog Spa at 4007 S Broadway, next to Hastings. Larger space and lots more good stuff to keep your dog happy and healthy.

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