Dogs need rest and conditioning too!

Running German Shepherd

For some reason, many of us think that dogs are like super-beings that can just run and run and run and never get tired. Especially if you have one of THOSE dogs that really make you think that.  In reality, they are living beings that get worn out just like us. And if you have one of THOSE dogs that thinks they are superman, it is our job to make sure they get properly rested and don’t hurt themselves.

Dogs, like humans, also need to be conditioned.  Just like us, making them go from couch to 10k overnight is not fair, and can cause injury. They need to be worked up to longer distances and more strenuous work. And always keep their joint health in mind and be careful not to run them long distances on pavement. Try to keep them on the grass as much as possible.

Joint Protect Performance Essentials by Petgenix
60 day supply for a dog 75 to 100lbs

And lastly, if you have one of those super dogs, don’t wait till they are injured or arthritic before supplementing their diet for joint protection. For powerful joint protection for active dogs try JOINT PROTECT Essentials. Great value and goes a long way if you have a large dog. Or JOINT PROTECT Complete, for an all-in-one supplement. Keeping inflammation down to a minimum and keeping joints protected is so important for dogs that don’t have that “self preservation” switch!

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