Specialized Dog Boarding Service Plano, Texas

Looking for somewhere to board your dog? Cosmic Canine offers dog boarding services in Plano just perfect for you. If you have an intact dog, boarding options are more limited. Also, if you are one whose dog doesn’t do well in group settings, your options may also be more limited. Raw feeders? Probably not many places will accommodate that either.

Cosmic Canine offers structured dog boarding services on a limited basis, so reserve in advance because preference goes to people who have taken their dog to train there. People who use the board and train services appreciate having a place to leave their dog while on vacation where their dog’s training and manners will be maintained.

When your dog is boarding at Cosmic Canine, your dog will be housed in an individual kennel and walked twice a day. Not just let out to potty, but actually walked in addition to potty breaks during the day. The kennel staff is trained to maintain good leash manners, door manners, and kennel manners, so if you have spent time training your dog, all is not lost while boarding!


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