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Papillons and Me
Maya the Two Legged Pack Member

DOB: 6/20 (no year!)






Since I started this blog I have lost three of my dogs. I am not going to update this page again. These are the dogs that started me on my journey….I will leave them all here in tribute.


Registered Name:  Cosmo vom Dopheide BH, AD, IPO1, CGC

Call Name:  Cosmo

Nicknames: Cosmonaut, The Cos

Breed:  German Shepherd

DOB:  9/26/2013

Traits:  Working dog, very confident and social




Registered Name: Braylor’s Pocket Rocket

Call Name: Riyo (Ree-yo)

Nicknames: Riyo Mosquito, The Angry Squirrel

Breed: Papillon

DOB: 08/15/2006

Traits: Tolerates humanity. Loves me



I got Riyo at 10 months old and he was my first toy dog. I never thought I would get a toy dog, but for some reason it just hit me one day that maybe it would be nice to have a little guy. After some research, I decided the Papillon was the breed for me. They were described as big dogs in a little body, and are the only toy breed listed in the top 10 most intelligent breeds.

An additional note, Riyo is a character. He is an example of a dog that had the utmost in socialization and handling from the day he was born and he is still a challenge! Every dog has its quirks and he’s got his, but I have mine too, so we fit.


Registered Name: Braylor’s Cowboy Cadillac of RJW

Call Name: Mr. Darcy “Darcy”

Nicknames: Peanut, Randy

Breed: Papillon

DOB: 4/27/07

Traits: Likes to chew holes in anything stuffed or plush. Couches, pillows, blankets are some of his favorites. But soooo sweet how can I get mad.


My dogs that are no longer with me…..I hope I will see them again.

 RIP (05/15/2010 -02/08/13) I WILL ALWAYS MISS HER
Black German ShepherdFull Name: Miss Elizabeth Bennett

Call Name: Lizzie

Nickname: “Lizzie Lizard”, “The Lizard”

Breed: German Shepherd

DOB: 05/15/2010



Background: Lizzie is my first dog to get as a young puppy, 10 weeks old.  So she is truly my first dog to raise from the very beginning.  This also means that anything that went wrong was my fault!  But she was so much fun.  Even her constant antics just made me laugh.  She’s broken a window and eaten a couple of pairs of eyeglasses, but these things can happen when you are raising a rambunctious puppy!  Because of her I have progressed much further in learning about dog training than I ever would have. She got me started down the road of serious dog training and I will always miss the silly girl.

Cause of death:  Gastric Dilation Volvus (GDV)

— I never thought I would lose Lizzie so early and tragically.  It broke my heart. She was the first dog I lost and it was so sudden and too young.  Absolutely devastating.

RIP (1999 – 5/23/2014) You are missed sweet girl

Full Name: Carmina Burana

Name: Carmina

Breed: unknown or best guess

DOB: cerca early 1999

Traits: Had very severe dog aggression, but we got it under controlExtremely high food drive, chow hound (will eat your fingers with the food). Zero toy or ball drive. Low energy.  Easiest dog ever in the house.

She was the best first dog I could ask for. Easy in the house, but just enough of a challenge to make me look into training. I still miss her and her spot has yet to be filled. When I lost her, my four dogs became three….

Cause of death:  Osteosarcoma



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