Review: Oral Flea Preventative Comfortis & Capstar

In a previous post, I went over the full flea destroying plan that I used and that worked, but I think a more detailed review on the oral flea preventative is merited as these are the new generation miracle in flea prevention. They also avoid the whole issue of skin irritation as I mentioned in my previous post on spot-on treatments.

I just heard about Comfortis this year from a lady who shows Papillons.  She swore by it, so I did try it, and the results were pretty impressive.

My Papillon Riyo does suffer from flea allergies and will begin to scratch incessantly at even the suggestion of a flea.  The other Papillon is not nearly as sensitive, but will of course also scratch.

My description of how Comfortis worked.  Scratch scratch scratch….etc etc.  Give both Papillons one Comfortis tablet with food.  30 minutes later….SILENCE SILENCE SILENCE.  It was incredible.

The only downside to Comfortis is its cost.  At $100 for 6 tablets, it can be hard on the budget.  After doing a bit more research, I did find another oral tablet that was suggested to use in conjunction with the heartworm preventative Sentinel.  Sentinel actually does work for heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, and sterilizes flea eggs.  So also a great product, and the only one Riyo doesn’t throw back up.

Capstar cost is a much lower $30 per 6 tablets, though it does appear to be a slightly stronger active ingredient.  I am a bit nervous to try on the Papillons first, so I have ordered for the larger two dogs instead of the topicals.

UPDATE:  I decided not to use Capstar. It is good for kill the fleas that are on the dog at the time.  It’s good to wipe out what’s chewing on your dog immediately, but for long term control, it’s not the answer.


UPDATE:  Capstar IS fine to use on Papillons.  Also, it lasts 24 hours so it is best to use with one of these types of heartworm preventative that also worms and neuters fleas such as Sentinel or Program.

Better flea control methods!

I got this response to my first blog post/call for help from Riyo and Darcy’s first mom :-) I will go look for this stuff and try it out! Also was told by another Papillon expert to try something called Comfortis.:

Use a yard and house spray with IGR in it. Will be more expensive, but has a chemical in it that basically neuters fleas. Most sprays etc…only kill the adult fleas leaving the eggs, and other stages to hatch out and form into adults only to carry on the problem. IGR is an insect growth regulator that neuters them when they come into contact with it so the ones that continue to hatch out even after spraying will not be able to reproduce thus putting a kink in their life cycle. It may not totally stop the problem, but the IGR usually lasts for a while. Also, spray in the evening time near as sunset as possible. Sunlight breaks down the poisons and makes it not last as long and be less effective. Giving all night to begin killing is best. You should also repeat the treatment in 7 days with most sprays.

Yes, fleas are showing signs of getting immune to things that have been on the market for a while. That’s why we are always waiting for the next big break through product. Treating the dogs and the yard is the best you can do. Just be sure to be careful when looking into those newer products that claim to do multiple things all in one such as fleas, worms etc…They are often too harsh for toy dogs and cause an array of reactions from neurological to even death in some cases. I have also stuck with Advantage more than frontline as I know more dogs that have had issues with frontline from irritated skin to coat loss.